Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day One

     I was on my way home after picking up some lube, and thanks to construction in the street, I had to turn a block early, and I chanced upon the perfect candidate for the cartbike's frame and drive train. An old GT Outpost, light, multi-geared, 26-er.

(Right) The bike after hosing it off, leaning to dry, and drain. (See the bottom picture)

I foresee some plaid duct tape and a bottle of rubbing alcohol in this seat's future.

Rusty, rusty, rusty chain.

To emphasize my point, chains do not zigzag in that fashion under anything resembling normal circumstances.

The main problem here is that the bottom bracket has come loose, there's a gap between the left crank and it, where it should be flush. This caused the chainrings to dig into the chain stay and become immobile, cause large amounts of sadness, and non-biking scenarios.

There's a better shot. If anything, that will make or break this bike, and decide whether I'm using it for parts or not.

Those are some gorgeous break pads, and the breaks themselves are just as pretty.

The cassette looks alright, it's just the chain that's got it rusted static. It's coasters work fine though.

This bike has THREE triangles. Not two, but three. Apparently that tiny triangle makes it one million times better.

I loaded it into the trunk, and it bled all over. Strange liquids came out of the frame and covered the back of the car. It may well be cursed...


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