Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day Eight

     Today started out uneventful, I just finished cleaning the chain and loosening up the stuck links, and lubed up the chain. However, just an hour ago, my friend showed me a cart he found in a park. It's a bit smaller than a full-sized cart, but I think that it makes it a bit more practical. Overall, it's 38 inches tall, and 32 inches long. The basket itself is 26 inches long, 12 inches deep, and 17 inches wide at the handle. It'll do just fine.
     Right now, I think that I'll keep the baby seat, because it's convenient in case I need to pick up infants, but more so that I can put food and stuff there and have it in easy access. However, it's time to knock off some plastic, attach the stem to the cart's handlebars, mount the brake levers and shifter, and then saw off the bottom of the basket, for improved clearance, and so that I can get more done before I get the forks, and avoid waiting.

[Right, the cart with a 26" Tire for size comparison.]

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