Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day Fifty-Three

      I pulled a tri-wheeled stroller out of the trash today as a potential source for wheels, because this is getting kind of ridiculous*. The front wheel will work perfectly, the same can't be said about the rear two, they have a different type of axle, which only has a bar on one side. I will try to replace the axle or add a quick release to make them usable. If they aren't however, it's cool. the wheels are all somewhere in the 12"-14" range, and are tiny, but sturdy. I would rather have some 700c's, because they are sexy, or at the very least, some 26's.

* And I'm getting desperate.

This will work beautifully.

These, not so much, but they have potential (like Existential Hero!).

I did get a rad handle-bar bag, with cup holders and other-thing holders. It solved the problem I was thinking about, about how I should add cup holders. I may still add some purpose-built/more permanent ones, but this bag is pretty great.

I'm pretty happy with it.

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