Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day Forty-Three

     Today I got some cable ties and u-bolts for attaching the forks to the cart. I believe this is the third trip to the hardware store so far, we'll see how it goes, I anticipate at least one more. I'm not going to attach the forks until I get the wheels, so that they'll be even if they're different sizes. I also grabbed a foot pump for $5.79, and finally pumped up the tires on my KMX (Website, mine's much older and much less nice.) and I partook in some drifting.
     Then, I finished spraying primer on the forks, and gave them numerous clear coats. I really like how smooth the matte primer is, but gloss protects it, and makes it look marginally more professional (I hope.).

The clamps and U-Bolts. Around $11 worth.

Tiny hose clamp holding the back of the cart to the bottom.

A better angle of it.

I found this old piece of belt, and thought it looked pretty rad. I wanted to incorporate it onto my bike somewhere.

Either on the headtube.

Or on the underside of the seat. I might just leave it off, I'm not sure yet.

The forks after the primer was dry.

After a couple clear coats, it's still wet.

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