Friday, November 4, 2011

Day Seventy-Three

Yesterday, for three hours of work and having my hands look like the tin man's by the end of the day, I finally got tires! However, I am short one, maybe two tubes. The 27" wheel has a tire and a tube already, but the tire is rotted through, so there's a fair chance the tube might be as well. It is possible however, that the tube is in a usable condition, in which case it will be used. I'm planning on using the 700c wheel on my 10-Speed, as it is nicer than the 27" that's currently there. I'll then have both of the 27" wheels mounted to the front of the Cartbike, and have radness ensue.
I'm debating whether or not to just go ahead and set up the cartbike, assuming the tube is fine, and worry about getting a tube for my road bike later. I might just do that tonight, seeing as how wready I am for this project to be finished.
On a related note, I very nearly got a solid rubber tire for the rear wheel of the Cartbike. The bike shop was throwing it out because it weighed around four pounds, but seeing as I'm making a bike out of a shopping cart, weight is no issue for me, and it would be nice not to have the risk of popping the rear tube of changing it ever. If it's still there the next time I visit the shop, I will grab it for sure. The only risk is that I'm unsure of what size it is, so lugging it all the way home only to find out that it doesn't fit would be awful. I might just cry.

 The two tires! Oddly enough, the new and all-black one is the 27", and the old one with the yellow siding is the 700c. That tire is crazy thin.

This is where the other 27" would come from. I apologize for not having an aesthetically pleasing quick-release angle.

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